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Weights of High and Low Whistles and Woodwind Instruments for Comparison

Particularly among players at the early stages of learning to play low whistles, the weight of an instrument can be a talking point.   It should be said whistles are generally the lightest woodwind instruments, with a typical low D weighing around 180-250 grams.   

For interests sake here is a table comparing the weight of woodwind instruments.  Some of the heavier woodwinds do make use of a neck strap.   The lightest woodwind to sometimes make use of a neck strap is the clarinet which typically weighs around 0.8 kgs or 1.7 lbs.  Many heavier woodwinds though, don’t have much opportunity for additional support.    A Trombone, which is typically ten times heavier than a low D, has no opportunity for additional support.   

mk Pro D – 240 grams /  0.5 lbs

Old retro saxophone musical instrument sketch hand drawn engraving style Vector illustration.

mk Midgie High D – 63 grams / 0.13 lbs

Overton low D – 190 grams  /  0.4 lbs

Typical wooden flute – 560 grams  / 1.2 lbs

*Clarinet – 800 grams /  1.7 lbs

Typical silver flute  – 440 grams  

**Typical Alto Saxophone – 2.5 kgs 

Trombone – 2.7 kgs / 6.1lbs 

Tuba  15.8 kgs / 35 lbs  


*   Sometimes used with a neck strap

**   Typically used with a neck strap

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