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Brass Tuning Slide Tension Adjustment

Note: this applies only to brass tuning slides.

If you find that your brass tuning slide is a little loose you can tension it to exactly how you would like it…

To adjust tuning slide tension you are looking to gently squeeze the brass slide at the end.

If you have access to a vice, this is usually the best way of doing this (with some folded paper or paper towel to protect the brass/slide from the vice jaws).  It doesn’t have to be a vice but it is the most precise method, so we would suggest visiting a friend with a vice before trying to make do with an old set of pliers, although wide jawed pliers should work also.

We usually recommend squeezing the sides rather than top and bottom – top and bottom would loosen it if you happened to over tension it.  Best to start gently and try the slide after each squeeze to check tension.  The first few times there may be no difference – but that’s fine – better to under-do it and build up than over-do it.  You should be able to get it really nice and some slide grease should help make the seal at the end.

On mk pro whistles the brass tenon protudes from the bodytube on D, E, F and F# whistles, and from the head of mk pro G whistles.

mk whistle tuning slide being gently squeezed in vice to adjust tension
mk whistle tuning slide being gently squeezed in vice to adjust tension.




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