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Brass Tuning Slide Tension Adjustment

Note: this applies only to brass tuning slides. If you find that your brass tuning slide is a little loose you can tension it to exactly how you would like it… To adjust tuning slide tension you are looking to gently squeeze the brass slide at the end. If you have access to a vice, this is […]

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Low Whistle Clogging

Clogging can be an issue for some whistle players.  Because of this we have spent a lot of time creating whistles that are as ‘clog-free’ as possible.  Even still, it can occasionally be an issue for some people – please get in touch with us if this is you! Everyone carries moisture in their breath, […]

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A busy workbench !


Mk Low Whistles

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Some feedback on the MK Pro Low D

Misha, I wanted to spend some time with this whistle before I wrote to you. I have had it for nearly a week, I think. This is the finest low D whistle I have ever played – it is everything I tried to describe to you, and I cannot thank you enough for it. I […]

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Mk Pro Low Fs in Stock for the First Time

At one time the waiting list was 3 years, but for the first time since starting out over ten years ago, we actually have some Pro Fs in stock.  It is only a small number though, so it might not be for long! Certainly one continuing frustration here has been having to tell people it’ll […]