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The Perfect Whistle

Having spent a large part of the last few years trying to keep up with orders a large component of what I’ve been doing is to work out nice ways to make things – to both maintain quality and not be too time consuming.  It has been a real challenge – far harder than working out how to make the first MK Whistle.  In fact all that hard work that goes into perfecting those first few instruments comes back to bite you on the bum, simply because the higher the standards you set the more difficult it is to maintain them.  I could never have imagined it would have taken so long, and on reflection, had I not been absolutely clear on what I set was setting out to – to make really good quality low whistles available and affordable – then it might well have fallen flat on it’s face!

That process is almost at it’s end – with the exception of one stage (which remains horribly time consuming) I can look at the way each process is done and say it feels right.

This will allow a little more time to getting some of the other keys sorted out.  The Low G is close, and Low A not far behind   …while the High D still has a bit to go.  In addition to this though, I would like to return to making custom and one-off instruments.  I’ve had time (10 years) to mull over the original Mk Design, and it does seem there’s space for improvement.  Even if  some of the crafting processes involved are time consuming – surely they are justified in the quest to find the perfect whistle?


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I just love the sound of the Kelpie Low D I bought this year. Exciting news that the Low G is close. May God bless all the work of your hands!

Low C pleeeeeaaase. I know you told me…. but not many can get their mits to a low A. Ridiculously stretch. {;o)

Hi Misha
I would defo be interested in ordering a Bb one off custom
If you are doing any please forward price and how to order

Hello Misha, I have discovered your whistles on you tube. I am interested in the low D black, blue or green. Do you mail to US Post office boxes? Most popular keys for low registers? Do you sell the necessary care products? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks. Kim in Cajun country. Carencro, Louisiana.

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