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New Pro A

While it had always been my intention that the Low G would be the next key to follow the Low D and the F, it is in fact the A that has come to fruition first.   The G remains very close, but it still needs that little extra something to give take that final 1% to being absolutely ‘there’.  The A definitely is that- those who have played the prototypes seemed to consider it to be best A they have played.  I’m certainly happy with them and I hope you like them also!  They are currently available to buy on this page.


Notes: The new As feature a slightly different tuning slide to the brass slides as used on the Ds and Fs. They are still low profile, but use a low friction plastic lining instead of brass.    They are also available in a satin plain aluminium finish.

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Misha – I have one of the first “new” A whistles (anodized green) that is simply my favorite whistle ever; I have over 100 in my collection including rare cheapies, Copelands, O’Riordans, etc. It just pops and wails and is easy to play in both octaves. I play trad but also get lost in note bending jazz riffs. This is the whistle I play every day. It’s responsive and notes can be bent with fine resonance throughout. Thanks again. I also have the new G which is wonderful and an old style F; the new whistles are a definite improvement over an already terrific whistle.

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