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Is Purple here to stay?

We needed extra security to get the Purple low whistles back from the anodisers without loosing a few to anyone with sticky fingers.  Everyone who saw them had something to say.  It’s probably true purple isn’t everyone’s cup to tea  … but whichever way, it seems you’ll still stand back and marvel at these.

When I checked the to see who had placed an advance order for one I found that the waiting list stretched back to 2007!  making it the longest anyone has had to wait for an MK Whistle (not including the keys we aren’t making)

The question however is are they here to stay?  The Blue Low Ds were run as a limited edition about this time last year, and we haven’t done any since, despite occasional enquiries.  From my point of view keeping even three colours (red, green & black) in stock in quite a challenge, but these more exotic colours (the red, blue and purple particularly) do have something special about them – an extra magic.  Sometimes one comes off the workbench and I just stand there looking at it.  Even before it’s first breath it’s singing, and I languish for a few seconds before going back to filing, cutting, setting, gluing, etc etc.

What do you think? should purple stay?


6 replies on “Is Purple here to stay?”

I got my Purple Pro last week and I am amazed at how beautiful it looks and it plays so sweetly. In one sense I think the Purple Pro should stay as everyone should get the chance to own one of these works of art. On the other hand if you don’t stock any more it makes my purple pro all the more special. either way I’m over the moon with mine.

I just ordered a black MK Pro a few minutes ago in spite of the fact that what I really wanted was a purple one. I know it seems rather vain to fritter over such minor details as color but this is a really special purchase for me, not to mention a fair amount of money.

It seems like its been several years since any purple instruments were made, are there any plans to release them again and if so what’s a brother have to do to get one?

Purple or blue low D any time in the near future? I have your F in green, which I love playing, and am ready to order a D, but prefer one of these colors.

I’d be interested in a Purple MK low D for sure. Keep me updated. I submitted my email to be added to your email list.



amigos, soy de chile y me encantaria una low en purpura, por favor mantener estos hermosos colores.

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